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Creation of the Club for greengrocers
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Trops, digital deployment with tropical flavour



Trops has been dedicated to the production and marketing of agri-food products, such as mango and avocado, for more than 36 years. They currently have more than 2,300 associated farmers and operate in international markets. Their business strategy is based on social, economic and environmental sustainability. Digitalisation is a key factor in achieving their sustainable development goals.

Since 2012, they have trusted us to create and develop their digital strategy. Our main objective is to enhance communication with their stakeholders and to build up recruitment and loyalty, both B2B and B2C, through digital channels.

/ 01 Digital Consulting.

Since 2012, we have been advising Trops on successfully transferring its strategies to digital. From the international positioning of the brand to its value propositions for the entire consumer chain: producers, fruit shop managers and end customers.

/ 02 Social Media Management.

We take care of the company's social media presence, working on different content and messages depending on the objectives, audiences and strategy defined for each social network. In 2018 our work with Trops was distinguished with the Best Social Networks Award at the most important international fair in the sector: Fruit Atraction.

/ 03 Paid Media.

We have designed a media plan that takes into account the needs of Trops' different target audiences: producers, greengrocers and end consumers. In the selection of formats and channels, we have also taken into account the different objectives of the brand: brand and product positioning, dissemination of initiatives, recruitment and loyalty.

/ 04 Creation of commerce.

In a transactional website, User Experience and CRO knowledge play a vital role in the success of the project. Both from design and technological development we have created a B2C proposal for Trops converting the values of companies into conversion-oriented assets.

/ 05 Web design and development.

In our mission to accompany Trops in its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, we have created different digital assets: the corporate websites in Spain and Portugal, the online shop and the Trops Club, from which Trops' direct relationship with the point of sale is managed and encouraged. Our digital deployment has led the company to win the Best Online Company Award at Fruit Atraction 2019.

/ 06 Email marketing.

As part of the Inbound Marketing strategy, we design and automate the mailings for Trops' different audiences. A channel in which the relevance of the content and customization is the key that allows us to exceed the objectives set.

/ 07 Highlights

Nº 1

Trops has positioned itself as an absolute leader in tropical fruits.


Increase in lead generation.

Best Social Networks and Best Online Company at Fruit Attraction

/ Approaches

Working with Trops is a continuous inspiration for our team. A company that looks ahead by diversifying its business: innovating in products, production methods, B2B + B2C sales propositions and many other initiatives. Being in daily contact with its team teaches us invaluable business lessons.

The Trops Group’s CSR policy is at the heart of the company’s strategy. From honesty, they are committed to improving the conditions of producers, the promotion of healthy consumption habits and collaboration with universities and institutions for the advancement of scientific research. A real learning experience for any company.