Web analytics and usability consulting

Any Internet project is in permanent beta. Never ceasing to optimize your digital processes will progressively increase the benefits to your company.

At Royal Comunicación we have a team of experts certified by Google Analytics, capable of parameterizing the sources that provide the highest conversions to your website.

After qualitative analysis of the situation regarding your presence on the web, we will be able to establish new rules and business strategies that will optimize your advertising budget and your investment in the capture of potential customers.

What are the advantages of advanced web analytics?

  • Greater knowledge of your website.
  • Optimize visibility, navigation flows and conversions.
  • Identify new business opportunities.
  • Promote return on investment (ROI), segmented by different traffic sources.
  • Create customized alerts.
  • Increase the loyalty of users.
  • Establish panels for different task forces.

Would you like to make it real?

Our techniques for generating business models and our multisectoral experience bring tangible results that are applicable in the short term, and improve a company's profitability.

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