Social Responsibility Statement

Royal Profit S.L. is a sustainability-conscious company. The company’s management and entire team are committed to maintaining ethical behavior in order to achieve business goals that are compatible with the sustainable development of society. This is evidenced by:

  • Our team has great work flexibility that allows them to balance their family life.
  • We encourage cultural biodiversity, with professionals from over 5 nationalities working at Royal.
  • We actively collaborate with various universities and business schools to promote the development of professionals.
  • Our company has a strategic plan for sustainable growth, in order to ensure our presence in the market.
  • We respect the environment, with very moderate energy use, recycling, and hardly any use of paper or ink.
  • We promote association and business cooperation.
  • We actively participate in events and seminars dedicated to knowledge transfer.
  • We provide training to our team to ensure their professional progress and personal growth.
  • We have a marketing strategy that consolidates our corporate reputation.
  • We support entrepreneurs with free advice and offer special prices for some of our services.
  • We maintain ethical business practices with strict taxation.
  • We produce useful services for society and under fair conditions.
  • We generate wealth with the maximum efficiency within our power.
  • We respect human rights.
  • We work in safe conditions.
  • We make responsible use of water.