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Creation of landings and campaign sites
Programmatic buying
Google Ads
Social Ads
Community Management
Social Customer Care

W2M, excellence and customer centric to transform the way we travel

/ 01 Buying digital media

We plan and optimise media buying by combining positioning and digital performance objectives: traffic generation and qualified lead generation.

/ 02 Social Media Management

We work hand in hand with your Social team on social media content. Such a wide range of products, with different target audiences, requires a complex strategy in terms of formats, channels and segmentation.

/ 03 Social Customer Care

The high volume of interactions generated by a company of W2M's level requires the creation of a service protocol and the dedication of 7 days a week to manage all the attentions that arise from travellers.

/ 07 Highlights

Attraction of highly qualified leads.

Monitoring and control of all social interactions.

/ Approaches

We are partners of the W2M Marketing team and we are very committed to the company’s objectives. Their 360º vision allows us to optimise digital actions that achieve the group’s global objectives.