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Man Medical, growth and digital marketing at startup pace

/ 01 Consultancy.

An ambitious launch requires an exhaustive prior study of multiple variables: the market, each treatment, each target, the competition and the potential of each country. We deploy all our knowledge in product launches and draw up the digital investment roadmap with revenue projection and definition of KPIs.

/ 02 Media buying.

One of our most demanding projects in campaign management. We manage national and international campaigns in a complex media mix that includes: Search and display campaigns in Google Adwords, programmatic buying, a high component of Social Ads and Youtube campaigns that have been selected by Google as a success story in Youtube 4 Action.

/ 03 Lead generation.

For a business where recruitment is done from a call centre, generating high quality leads is the main objective to be achieved from the digital channel. Our scientific approach has helped us to optimise campaigns and become an active part of the group's sales generation process.

/ 04 Web design and development.

We have developed MAN Medical Institute's digital presence, from its corporate website to the landings of each campaign. We have created forms and landings based on our knowledge of UX and persuasive design. Our technological development team has been in charge of automating the integration with the CRM and facilitating the processing of leads for the sales team.

/ 05 Affiliate marketing.

In our previous consultancy we realised that building audience trust is non-negotiable in the healthcare sector. As part of our media planning we decided to dedicate resources to affiliate marketing, with careful selection of affiliates and thorough relationship management.

/ 06 Advanced analytics.

Our data science and analytics team designed the measurement and reporting system to be truly effective and help MAN Medical Institute make decisions with accurate knowledge of the business at all times. Connecting the online measurement with everything that happens offline has been crucial for the clinical group to maintain control of its growth plan.

/ 07 Highlights


Average achievement of lead generation target.


Year-on-year CPA reduction.


Average engagement rate in Social Ads.

/ Approaches

By collaborating with the MAN Medical Institute team since its launch, we have learned to develop a working system that allows us to maintain our quality while keeping up with the frenetic pace of a start-up with big expansion plans.

Throughout the time we have been working with MAN Medical Institute, we have come to appreciate even more the meaning of being a real “partner” of our client. We feel we are an important part of the team, we are in constant communication and we share our findings every day.