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Dashboard creation
Media planning
Planning, management and reporting of
TIK TOK influencer actions
YouTube video campaigns
Programmatic buying
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Huesitos, taking engagement from digital to the store

/ 01 Positioning consultancy and study of the impact on the target audiences of the different products.

Transforming the insights obtained into high-precision segmentation criteria is key to defining channels and strategies, as well as the selection of formats and content.

/ 02 Meticulous media planning.

Considering the overlapping of audiences to obtain the highest coverage rate and estimate the quality of the impact per target by combining Social Ads campaigns, YouTube video marketing, Google Ads and programmatic buying.

/ 03 TikTok influencer campaigns.

A new channel that we began to explore for Huesitos' youngest target, planning, managing and measuring the effectiveness of fun actions with influencers on the latest social network to take Spain by storm.

/ 04 Deployment of campaigns in record time.

Our experienced creative team developed the advertising pieces with agility. Getting results as soon as possible is one of our hallmarks. Only by analysing results can we optimise from the first minute of the campaign.

/ 05 Advanced analytics.

Combine different data sources and create a real impact measurement system. An essential work to obtain insights for improvement and provide the client's team with the relevant information, thanks to the creation of customised dashboards that show the evolution of the KPIs at a glance.

/ 07 Highlights

Nº 1

In less than a year, Huesitos leads the digital presence in its category.


Year-on-year growth in print


We have increased high quality impacts with video marketing on YouTube.

/ Approaches

The Huesitos brand has almost 50 years of history and is a great reference in its category. Working with its team, we have learned that the success of a company is built on preserving intact the desire to improve and the passion for finding new ways to surprise consumers.

You can always be more precise when it comes to impacting each segment of a target audience. By combining creativity with a scientific approach, specialised knowledge and accurate analysis, we can reach optimal levels of coverage and quality of impact. If something works, it can be improved.