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Consum, activating community in the process of digital transformation

/ 01 Digital consultancy.

We have analysed the Consum customer experience in depth in order to transmit it in the user experience of each of the projects we have undertaken. We created a careful, sustainable digital image in line with the brand values for the group's corporate website that we have been able to adapt to the nature of each website and app developed.

/ 02 Web and app design.

Especially relevant in projects such as the loyalty club: Mundo Consum. The web services area and app exclusively for members-customers offers a wide range of advantages. We designed the interaction strategy with all of them with the aim of facilitating and promoting their use.

/ 03 Technological developments and UX.

We accompanied Consum in its digital transformation in projects such as the employee portal, Gente Consum. The objective was to attract the employee to encourage its use and thus contribute to the digitalisation of HR processes. We used Gamification techniques to create a key interactive tool for internal communication and the improvement of Employer Branding.

/ 04 Integration of the technological ecosystem.

In a digital transformation process, it is essential to control the integration between the different assets of the digital ecosystem. We have developed technological tools that communicate with each other and with the business, including the connection with physical shops.

/ 05 Cybersecurity.

As a technology partner, we ensure data security and platform stability to prevent attacks and vulnerabilities in the Consum ecosystem.

/ 07 Highlights


Increase of active users of the loyalty club


Increased weekly connections to the employee portal


Employee rating of the company in points

/ Approaches

Working with the great team at Consum, we have learned to value the spirit of collaboration as the main factor in a successful business. Looking for the best ways to digitally enhance each part of the gear makes us grow as professionals and feel part of the great Consum family.

One of the greatest gifts of having Consum as a client is the opportunity to learn from their way of involving their entire community in the day-to-day running of the business. The lessons they teach us about strategy are invaluable to us.