Management of digital media

Management of digital media agency

Any digital environment needs to obtain traffic or digital users in order to achieve its objectives.

Nowadays, we cannot “survive exclusively off SEO” – we have to work on other actions. These actions include the purchase of digital media: newspapers, magazines specialized in vertical content related to your product or service, and other media. Among the different options available we can provide you with an overall perspective that is highly focused on your target in online advertising networks, such as Grupo Prisa, Vocento, blog networks, Impresiones Web, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other media.

  • We offer recruitment of advertising inventory primarily under CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille), CPDC (cost per double click), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition), and CPI (cost per install) pricing models.
  • If your investment levels are high (+ €4,000/month), we can set up a custom panel for the purchase of traffic using RTB (real-time bidding) or programmatic buying with ad server and ad exchange.
  • The service is transparent and highly customized. Our Traffic Planner and Metric Analyst will advise you and help you to optimize campaigns in order to achieve your goals.

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Our techniques for generating business models and our multisectoral experience bring tangible results that are applicable in the short term, and improve a company's profitability.

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