Digital reputation

Online digital reputation management service, on Google, Facebook and other social media

Are you worried about your company or brand’s reputation? Have you had some kind of crisis?

Building a good digital reputation is a necessity and an art that nobody should neglect. It is important to transmit the values of trustworthiness and reliability in order to achieve your business objectives. There are risks that must be managed in order to avoid being immersed in a critical situation.

Digital reputation – what people say online about a brand, company or individual – has a clear impact.

There are two options for reputation management:

Preventative management: You are knowledgeable and well aware of the importance of digital reputation, and also of its associated risks. Every day you leave your mark on the Internet, following a sound communication strategy.

Curative management: An incident or crisis has occurred, and we need to remedy it. This is very complicated and has serious consequences. A huge effort is required to resolve the situation.

What are the major actions that must be carried out?

  1. Create digital environments associated with the brand, with URLs that contain the brand’s name.
  2. Generate distinctive valuable content.
  3. Position contents.
  4. Measuring the NPS and dissemination.
  5. Monitor the brand.
  6. Aggressive link building, at a risk of being penalized by Google’s algorithms.
  7. Second tier links.
  8. Negotiate and write to the portals that contain the negative information.
  9. Write to Google.
  10. Strict content calendar, with total commitment from the management team.

If you have a reputation problem, do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your case. We have extensive experience in repairing the reputation of companies from different sectors, as well as of managers, politicians and doctors, among other professionals.

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