Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting service for digital marketing audits the current status of a company or brand’s digital presence – we listen to, identify and demonstrate the needs of our client. Once these needs have been identified, we write a report that highlights the points of improvement and actions to be performed in order to maximize optimization of resources and increase the return on the investment necessary to meet the marketing objectives.

At Royal Comunicación we carry out digital audits (analytical, usability, security, SEO, SEM, social media, etc.) for companies from very diverse sectors, including entertainment, restaurant trade, online sales, retail, etc.

Throughout the whole process we maintain close and constant contact with clients, as well as absolute transparency in all actions taken.

NOTE: All our processes are characterized by constant contact and complete transparency between the client and Royal Comunicación.


  • Initial contact with the client. The purpose of these early meetings is to analyze the needs and challenges that present themselves, and obtain all the information necessary to draw up a solid report that, after prior validation from the client, will become the project’s road map.

  • Strategic consulting for digital marketing report. Our team of consultants will be in charge of drafting the report. Principally, we analyze direct and extended competition, the extent of the company’s digitalization, its digital reputation, online business opportunities applied to the sector, etc.

  • Delivery of the report. Once the report is finished, we will present the deliverables in an agreed-upon format, including the strategic axis, tactical actions, investment scenarios and creative proposals. Graphs, illustrations, tables and links will accompany the document, so that it may serve as a road map for subsequent marketing actions.

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